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Les celtes dans la péninsule ibérique (anglais)

Les celtes dans la péninsule ibérique (documentation PDF en anglais)

edited by Manuel Alberro and Bettina Arnold

Table of Contents


Iron Age Archaeology of the Northwest Iberian Peninsula by César Parcero Oubiña and Isabel Cobas Fernández

War and Society in the Celtiberian World by Martín Almagro-Gorbea and Alberto J. Lorrio

Artistic Expression and Material Culture in Celtic Gallaecia by Alfredo González-Ruibal

The Celts in Iberia: An Overview by Alberto J. Lorrio and Gonzalo Ruiz Zapatero

Oppida and Celtic society in western Spain by Jesús R. Álvarez-Sanchís

Religion and Religious Practices of the Ancient Celts of the Iberian Peninsula by Francisco Marco Simón

Celtiberian Ideologies and Religion by Gabriel Sopeña

Celtiberians: Problems and Debates by Francisco Burillo Mozota

The Celts of the Southwestern Iberian Peninsula by Luis Berrocal-Rangel

Celtic Elements in Northwestern Spain in Pre-Roman times by Marco V. García Quintela

The Celts in Portugal by Teresa Júdice Gamito

Celtic Gods of the Iberian Peninsula by Juan Carlos Olivares Pedreño

Mythologizing Identity and History: A Look at the Celtic Past of Galicia by Kerry Ann McKevitt

Celtic Place- and Personal-names in Spain and the Socio-political Structure and Evolution of the Celtiberians by Luis A. García Moreno

Briga Toponyms in the Iberian Peninsula by Juan Luis García Alonso

The Language(s) of the Callaeci by Eugenio R. Luján Martínez

Celtiberian by Carlos Jordán Cólera

The Celtic Legacy of the Gaita in Galician Music by Xosé Lois Foxo

A Round Iron Age: The Circular House in the Hillforts of the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula by Xurxo M. Ayán Vila

Celtic Legacy in Galicia by Manuel Alberro

Sources : University of Wisconsin / Revue Keltoi

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